Cattle Grouping

With Cattle360, you can keep your herd managed in just a few clicks. To start with, create a group that your animals can be classified under. Exp: Fall, Spring, Calves 2018. From there, Cattle360 will ensure that all your animals go into the correct groups and you can easily view/print your animal data.


Offspring Tracking

Easily keep track of your animals offspring. The offspring tab can show you your animals history of calving. From this screen you can see the offspring's status, Date of Birth, Weaning Date, and Tag#. 


Death Records

No Rancher wants to be burden by the death of an animal. Although, it happens, Cattle360 has a great feature to keep track of deaths. Record the date of the death and also the cause and you can see your overall average of deaths for a given time span.



No more forgetting which number of the cow that was calving last! Cattle360 keeps track of which cows are calving and their expected due date. If a cow calves, simply add the calf or choose the no calf option.


Customizable Report/Groups

Running reports have never been easier. Simply name your report, configure which criteria's you want your report to filter on, and then select the column you want displayed. Don't get caught in a solution that only allows you to view certain data sets and limited data.



Add detailed notes to your animals. Nothing is worse than forgetting a certain key item about an animal all because you wanted documented.

Sale Data

Record sales of your animals. At the end of the year or when desired, you can checkout what you sold certain animals for and how much you money you gained. We will expand on this section in the future.The application will take into account your sales/expenses and give you detailed reports.